Lionel Fumeaux

Lionel Fumeaux started playing the tenor trombone in 2001 with the band "La Cécilia" from Ardon. He then took lessons with Christophe Pralong. His father Gilles being a bass trombonist, Lionel soon felt the urge to swap his tenor trombone for a bass trombone. So, in 2006, Lionel started taking lessons with Cédric Vergère, bass trombone of the "Brass Band 13 Etoiles" at that time. Cédric Vergère is still his trombone teacher today.

In August 2008, Lionel joins the "Brass Band 13 Etoiles" B formation and 4 months later, he wins the title of Champion Valaisan Minime. In 2012, he joins the A formation of the "Brass Band 13 Etoiles", with which he will receive numerous places of honour and a prize for best soloist at the Swiss Brass Band Championship in 2017.

As a soloist, he has won several cantonal, national and even international competitions. In 2016 he won the European competition for young soloists in Luxembourg. In 2018, in Utrecht, Holland, he is crowned European Trombone Champion and European Vice-Champion in all categories.

In 2015, he discovered his passion for conducting Brass Band. He therefore took lessons at Géo-Pierre Moren in Vétroz and in 2017, he resumed his first village brass band, "L'Edelweiss" in Les Diablerets, 3rd category Brass Band.

In 2018, Lionel is hired as director of "L'Echos de la Dent-Blanche" in Les Haudères, a first category brass band. Lionel makes his first steps on the Swiss Brass Band scene, as director, in 2019, where he conducted the "Oberwalliser Brass Band" (OBB) in Montreux during the Swiss Championship in first category.

In August 2020, Lionel Fumeaux will start his activity as director of the B formation of the Brass Band 13 Etoiles.